Why Is The Worst Food Always The Cheapest Food?

sweet baby ray

I have a question for you. Why is the worst food always the cheapest food?

I walked into my grocery store the other day and they have a good portion of their B1G1F (buy 1 get 1 free) items right up front. Instead of being excited, I became really sad because there was the proof in front of me. If you are poor, THEY make it so difficult to eat healthy.

The first thing I see is Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce. Would you like some HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) with your sauce? It’s at the top of the ingredient list.

they tell us to eat healthy but they make junk food cheap

Oh look! Brownies and doughnuts are so cheap and so hard to resist. Not exactly cherries or plums, but those are too expensive anyway.

chips are necessary right

Don’t forget chips! They do so much for our bodies, especially the ones that are chemically flavored.

yellow 5 for your adhd

That pasta in the back of the photo is colored with Yellow #5. In other countries, Yellow #5 products have to come with a warning label for how it affects children and ADHD. In other countries, they use natural food coloring so the box doesn’t have to come with that label. We don’t warn anyone here, so they get to keep using their Yellow #5. And those artificially flavored popcorn bags that are coated with stuff linked to Alzheimer’s should definitely be marked to those who need to save money, right?

I almost lost hope

I had almost lost all hope when I came to the end of the sale section and found the fruit bowls. At over $8 each, I am sure they are normally on everyone’s shopping list. I was truly grateful to see something with some nutritional value being offered at affordable price.

Sarcasm is not my usual tone, so I hope I did it justice.

Can we please talk about this?

xoxo ~ Melissa


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    This is unfortunate Melissa. Cheap food is cheap for a good reason. On the flip side fruits can be much more expensive in Western Worlds yet when I hop a plane to Bali or Phuket, or even a close flight to Costa Rica, most fruits are absurdly cheap!

    I was eating 20 cent monstrous, delicious mangos in Chiang Mai Thailand for months on end. Fruit is cheap there so most people eat fruit. Also, vegetarian lunches – large bed of rice along with fresh vegetable-based warm dishes OUT OF THIS WORLD LOL – were 1 dollar a piece. 1 dollar.

    America, please make these healthy, “organic” foods cheaper, so more people can live longer, OK? ;)

    Thanks for sharing Melissa!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Why?My Profile

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      Cheap food is cheap because they use chemicals that cost them next to nothing and we (as a country) always need to put profit ahead of health.

      Wow… Bali, Phuket, Costa Rica, Thailand — it is wonderful that you have had the opportunity to see so much of the world. I bet you have had really amazing experiences. :)

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my rant. *grins*

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    While completely frustrating, there is actually a simple reason they can do this. Single ingredient foods can’t be diluted down with cheaper ingredients. And if you get organic, not only is supply and demand creating higher prices, so is the fact that it takes more resources to grow. I’m actually a fan of GMOs, but I’m not here to argue that with you. :-P

    Just think, in the Kraft mac, at home you could make that with some flour and eggs (for the pasta) and some milk/cream and cheese (for the cheese sauce). I bet that ingredient list is nowhere near that simple. You can’t cut corners when your ingredient list is a half a dozen things or less.

    And most of those products are sold as loss leaders. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with marketing at all, but they give you BOGO on the crap Kraft Mac N Cheese so that you’ll come in and overspend on the crap Kraft Mayo, (Kraft) Nabisco Oreos, and (Kraft) Kool-Aide. Don’t worry, people aren’t saving any money buy eating crap. If nothing else, they pay in medical costs and length/quality of life in a few decades.
    Michael Lombardi recently posted..The Water ParkMy Profile

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      Thank you. Debating is not my strong suit. LOL :D

      Yes, I get the marketing behind it. I am actually pretty fascinated by the psychology behind what drives us to buy certain things at different times of our lives. And I do get the concept behind loss leaders.

      I am just ranting because it is very disheartening to see only crap on sale — it is can be tempting when we really don’t have the money. The people who DO buy it feel that they can’t afford better choices and they shouldn’t have to choose between being able to pay rent or eating food that will diminish the quality of their lives. I wish that as a society we were stronger….

      The rest of the world says “Prove to us that it is safe to eat and we will eat it.” while we say, “If it tastes good we will eat it and if you find out its bad, maybe we will stop.”

      I choose not to have a nicer car, clothes, purses, etc so that I can have the ability to buy better food for my kids at least some of the time. Crap food still makes it way in here occasionally, but I am working on that.

      Thank you by sharing your voice. It means a lot! {{{hugging you}}}

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        Our economy is built on make and sell what you want. You only can’t do that went it deprives somebody their life and rights. And even then, you have to prove their forcing it on you. See: kids and cigarettes.

        Instead of crap dinners, you can buy excellent canned vegetables for quite cheap.
        Michael Lombardi recently posted..State Fair TimeMy Profile

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          And then we get into the issue with how the cans are lined, so we move on to frozen and fresh. *grins*

          I am just a small voice. Most people I know have no interest in knowing what is in the food they eat. I feel the need to do an occasional rant in hopes that I create curiosity in just one other person and let the universe take it from there.

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            Yes, I love frozen. Honestly, if the canning process bothers you, you’re other options that are easier than buying canned veggies (frozen takes more resources) is to either not eat that particular fruit/vegetable or buy it fresh and consume it within about 5 days +/- 2 days.

            Or you could buy fresh in-season and can it yourself. But I’m not that dedicated. I’m fine with frozen and canned off-season.
            Michael Lombardi recently posted..Just Joined BloglovinMy Profile

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              I do those things… buy fresh, in season and frozen. Not that canning … just not there yet! LOL I know what you mean. I just wish they didn’t make it so easy to eat poorly and I wish as a nation we were stronger to say no. :)

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