Portion Controlled Snacking

You can snack with portion control.

I am still trying to lose weight, but I’m not ready to give up snacking.

In my attempts to eat healthier and lose weight, I continue to struggle with bad snacking habits. I get caught in my evening television time when the need to nosh is at its highest. Before summer started, I tried to keep to a *No Eating After 8:30* rule; it hasn’t been working. My husband has been taking on some extra work and sometimes that pushes our dinner until 9 o’clock at night. It is easy to continue to mindlessly nibble until bedtime. I have been looking into options that still appeal to me, help with portion control and that aren’t filled with so many additives that it takes me an hour to read the ingredient list.

I would like to share some of my current favorites. I am NOT saying that these snacks are diet friendly or super healthy. I am saying that flat-out snacking denial doesn’t work for me, but I knew I had to stop eating bags of processed junk food.

  1. kirland freeze dried fruit slicesKirkland Dried Real Sliced Freeze-Dried Fruit Snacks Variety Pack: These pouches come in plain Fuji Apple, Fuji Apple with Cinnamon and a Banana/Strawberry mix and I absolutely adore them. All three are under 45 calories and really are delicious. I have a salad for lunch and will usually have one of these on the side, but I will have a different variety for a nighttime snack too. The box comes with 20 pouches for about $15 in Costco. The price is slightly higher on their website and considerably more expensive on Amazon.
  2. brownie brittleSheila G’s Original Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle: Available at Costco (best price), Amazon and my local Publix, if I am craving something sweet and crunchy, Brownie Brittle is perfect. My favorite part of the brownie has always been the corner piece and I have been known to try to call all four as mine. It’s easy to understand that I thought I found heaven in a bag when I discovered this yummy snack. The trick is to never bring the bag to the couch with you. When the need hits, break off a small piece and walk away. The large bag from Costco is resealable and costs maybe a $1 more than the tiny bags do at the grocery store.
  3. angie popcornAngie’s Artisan Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn: We had a mission as a family: to find a bagged (not microwave) non-GMO popcorn and I am happy to share we did in Angie’s Popcorn. Like the Brownie Brittle, the cost of the large bag in Costco is cheaper than buying the smaller versions at Target. We pick up both the Sea Salt and the Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn to satisfy the different tastes of our family of five. Knowing that the corn is not genetically modified is huge for me and it really is delicious. I fill a cereal bowl (instead of eating the entire microwaved bag like I used to!) and do not go back for seconds. If you really prefer the microwave, then I’d love to recommend Newman’s Own Butter. The price at Target for a box of three is great and they do not coat the inside of their bags with anything toxic to our systems.
  4. strawberries wish farmOrganic Fruit: Grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and apples are almost always available in our home. The berries and grapes are perfect for that hand-to-mouth mindless eating that happens during this last season of Dexter. Your body isn’t going to mind if you eat a half pint of Wish Farm blueberries once in a while and there are so many fun dips you can create for apple slices.
  5. asparagusRoasted Asparagus: Eaten hot or cold, I love the way I make my asparagus. Heat the oven to 400 degrees, rinse off the stalks and cut off the woody ends. I lay them single file in my Pampered Chef roasting pan, drizzle with Newman’s Own Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkle with garlic salt. Depending upon the thickness, cook for 12 to 14 minutes. Choosing the right number of stalks, you can eat them right away or place any leftovers in tin foil to eat cold as a yummy snack.

I do know that snacking is something most of us can do without or if you are hypoglycemic making snacks required, there are healthier options out there like more veggies and lean proteins. This list is for people like me, who  aren’t looking for perfect but do want to be better about what goes into our mouths.

What are your favorite snacks that allow for great portion control?

xoxo ~ Melissa


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    I suggest eating clean and homemade food. Pure ingredients are what our bodies really crave. If I want something sweet, I eat a naturally sweet food. I stopped buying processed foods many years ago and my family rarely dines out. Even if you are on a budget, you can eat healthy, whole foods. I refuse to deny myself food. It you crave it, find a way to make it and eat hearty!
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      I think that is wonderful if you are able to get processed foods out of your diet. It definitely is an eventual goal for me and other than the Brownie Brittle (which is totally worth it! LOL), hopefully my list isn’t too bad. Thank you so much for sharing about yours. :)

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      Thank you! I know by keeping my snacks that I am not going to lose weight very fast. But by being reasonable, not denying myself and needing to rebel against a traditional diet — hopefully the weight will stay off. :)

      I really appreciate you commenting!

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