Saturday Sharing – My Favorite Reads of the Week

I enjoyed sharing all my favorite finds last Saturday that I thought I would do it again. These are the posts I read this week that made me cry, made me laugh out loud, drive me to haul out my crafting supplies and/or just made me want to make sure other people read them too.

If you hang out on Facebook, you may have noticed that things have changed and you might not be seeing all of your friends and/or the brand pages that you’ve liked. FB is now encouraging pages to pay to have all their fans see their posts. Songbird has a solution that may work for you.

From Overwhelmed to Organized, Hilda shares some great visuals and ideas for organizing your pantry.

Angie at Country Chic Cottage created an adorable stamped table runner. It is simple and perfect and uses a button as a stamp!

I fell in love with these cute Halloween bottles (especially the candy corn one) that Cheri created.

At Things I Can’t Say, she shared about a very hard decision about staying out of a conversation that hit close to home.

These inspirational quotes from Dollar Store Mom are adorable!

Hannah reminds us that we always, somehow, can find a way to change in Exhaling the Truth.

Alycia wrote about fear and finding the courage to open the gate.

Audrey shared a fantastic list of 101 Things To Do With Your Sons.

Corey’s wonderful children’s book, Egret the Elephant: Meet Egret, is now available in paperback. I have bought the eBook edition and my children love it.

Chayla wrote an awesome piece about fitting in.

Allison wrote one of my favorite posts of the week with: why the right way is the wrong way for me.

Yes, Hannah has two on this week’s list because it felt like she was describing me as I read Being an Entrepreneur with ADD.

This was a must-read and watch for all women: Finally …

I could look at Bookshelf Porn all day long. *grins*

And last, but certainly not least, my heart shattered into a million pieces when I read Cecily Kellogg’s story.

Enjoy your weekend reads!

xoxo ~ Melissa


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